Source code for catalyst.dl.utils.visualization

from typing import List, Optional, Union  # isort:skip
from pathlib import Path

from catalyst.utils.plotly import plot_tensorboard_log

[docs]def plot_metrics( logdir: Union[str, Path], step: Optional[str] = "epoch", metrics: Optional[List[str]] = None, height: Optional[int] = None, width: Optional[int] = None ) -> None: """Plots your learning results. Args: logdir: the logdir that was specified during training. step: 'batch' or 'epoch' - what logs to show: for batches or for epochs metrics: list of metrics to plot. The loss should be specified as 'loss', learning rate = '_base/lr' and other metrics should be specified as names in metrics dict that was specified during training height: the height of the whole resulting plot width: the width of the whole resulting plot """ assert step in ["batch", "epoch"], \ f"Step should be either 'batch' or 'epoch', got '{step}'" metrics = metrics or ["loss"] plot_tensorboard_log(logdir, step, metrics, height, width)
__all__ = ["plot_metrics"]