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In this module **precision**, **recall** and **F1 score**
calculations are defined in separate functions.

:py:class:`PrecisionRecallF1ScoreMeter` can keep track for all three of these.
from collections import defaultdict

import torch

from . import meter

[docs]def f1score(precision_value, recall_value, eps=1e-5): """ Calculating F1-score from precision and recall to reduce computation redundancy. Args: precision_value: precision (0-1) recall_value: recall (0-1) Returns: F1 score (0-1) """ numerator = 2 * (precision_value * recall_value) denominator = precision_value + recall_value + eps return numerator / denominator
[docs]def precision(tp, fp, eps: float = 1e-5) -> float: """ Calculates precision (a.k.a. positive predictive value) for binary classification and segmentation. Args: tp (int): number of true positives fp (int): number of false positives Returns: precision value (0-1) """ # originally precision is: ppv = tp / (tp + fp + eps) # but when both masks are empty this gives: tp=0 and fp=0 => ppv=0 # so here precision is defined as ppv := 1 - fdr (false discovery rate) return 1 - fp / (tp + fp + eps)
[docs]def recall(tp, fn, eps=1e-5) -> float: """ Calculates recall (a.k.a. true positive rate) for binary classification and segmentation. Args: tp: number of true positives fn: number of false negatives Returns: recall value (0-1) """ # originally reacall is: tpr := tp / (tp + fn + eps) # but when both masks are empty this gives: tp=0 and fn=0 => tpr=0 # so here recall is defined as tpr := 1 - fnr (false negative rate) return 1 - fn / (fn + tp + eps)
[docs]class PrecisionRecallF1ScoreMeter(meter.Meter): """ Keeps track of global true positives, false positives, and false negatives for each epoch and calculates precision, recall, and F1-score based on those metrics. Currently, this meter works for binary cases only, please use multiple instances of this class for multi-label cases. """
[docs] def __init__(self, threshold=0.5): """ Constructor method for the `` PrecisionRecallF1ScoreMeter`` class. """ super(PrecisionRecallF1ScoreMeter, self).__init__() self.threshold = threshold self.reset()
[docs] def reset(self) -> None: """ Resets true positive, false positive and false negative counts to 0. """ self.tp_fp_fn_counts = defaultdict(int)
[docs] def add(self, output: torch.Tensor, target: torch.Tensor) -> None: """ Thresholds predictions and calculates the true positives, false positives, and false negatives in comparison to the target. Args: output (torch.Tensor): prediction after activation function shape should be (batch_size, ...), but works with any shape target (torch.Tensor): label (binary), shape should be the same as output's shape """ output = (output > self.threshold).float() tp = torch.sum(target * output) fp = torch.sum(output) - tp fn = torch.sum(target) - tp self.tp_fp_fn_counts["tp"] += tp self.tp_fp_fn_counts["fp"] += fp self.tp_fp_fn_counts["fn"] += fn
[docs] def value(self): """ Calculates precision/recall/f1 based on the current stored tp/fp/fn counts. Returns: tuple of floats: (precision, recall, f1) """ precision_value = precision( self.tp_fp_fn_counts["tp"], self.tp_fp_fn_counts["fp"] ) recall_value = recall( self.tp_fp_fn_counts["tp"], self.tp_fp_fn_counts["fn"] ) f1_value = f1score(precision_value, recall_value) return (float(precision_value), float(recall_value), float(f1_value))