Source code for catalyst.utils.pipelines

from pathlib import Path
import shutil

from git import Repo as repo  # noqa: N813

from catalyst.utils.misc import copy_directory

URLS = {  # noqa: WPS407
    "classification": "",
    "segmentation": "",
    "detection": "",

CATALYST_ROOT = Path(__file__).resolve().parents[3]
PATH_TO_TEMPLATE = CATALYST_ROOT / "examples" / "_empty"

[docs]def clone_pipeline(template: str, out_dir: Path) -> None: """Clones pipeline from empty pipeline template or from demo pipelines available in Git repos of Catalyst Team. Args: template: type of pipeline you want to clone. empty/classification/segmentation out_dir: path where pipeline directory should be cloned """ if template == "empty" or template is None: copy_directory(PATH_TO_TEMPLATE, out_dir) else: url = URLS[template] repo.clone_from(url, out_dir / "__git_temp") shutil.rmtree(out_dir / "__git_temp" / ".git") if (out_dir / "__git_temp" / ".gitignore").exists(): (out_dir / "__git_temp" / ".gitignore").unlink() copy_directory(out_dir / "__git_temp", out_dir) shutil.rmtree(out_dir / "__git_temp")
__all__ = ["clone_pipeline"]