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from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, Iterable
from collections import OrderedDict
import copy
from functools import partial

import torch
from import DataLoader, Dataset, DistributedSampler
from import default_collate as default_collate_fn

from catalyst.registry import REGISTRY
from catalyst.utils.distributed import get_distributed_params, get_rank
from catalyst.utils.misc import merge_dicts, set_global_seed

[docs]def get_loader( data_source: Iterable[dict], open_fn: Callable, dict_transform: Callable = None, sampler=None, collate_fn: Callable = default_collate_fn, batch_size: int = 32, num_workers: int = 4, shuffle: bool = False, drop_last: bool = False, ): """Creates a DataLoader from given source and its open/transform params. Args: data_source: and iterable containing your data annotations, (for example path to images, labels, bboxes, etc) open_fn: function, that can open your annotations dict and transfer it to data, needed by your network (for example open image by path, or tokenize read string) dict_transform: transforms to use on dict (for example normalize image, add blur, crop/resize/etc) sampler (Sampler, optional): defines the strategy to draw samples from the dataset collate_fn (callable, optional): merges a list of samples to form a mini-batch of Tensor(s). Used when using batched loading from a map-style dataset batch_size (int, optional): how many samples per batch to load num_workers (int, optional): how many subprocesses to use for data loading. ``0`` means that the data will be loaded in the main process shuffle (bool, optional): set to ``True`` to have the data reshuffled at every epoch (default: ``False``). drop_last (bool, optional): set to ``True`` to drop the last incomplete batch, if the dataset size is not divisible by the batch size. If ``False`` and the size of dataset is not divisible by the batch size, then the last batch will be smaller. (default: ``False``) Returns: DataLoader with ```` """ from import ListDataset dataset = ListDataset(list_data=data_source, open_fn=open_fn, dict_transform=dict_transform) loader = dataset=dataset, sampler=sampler, collate_fn=collate_fn, batch_size=batch_size, num_workers=num_workers, shuffle=shuffle, pin_memory=torch.cuda.is_available(), drop_last=drop_last, ) return loader
def _worker_init_fn(x, *, initial_seed): return set_global_seed(initial_seed + x)
[docs]def get_loaders_from_params( batch_size: int = 1, num_workers: int = 0, drop_last: bool = False, per_gpu_scaling: bool = False, loaders_params: Dict[str, Any] = None, samplers_params: Dict[str, Any] = None, initial_seed: int = 42, datasets_fn: Callable = None, **data_params, ) -> "OrderedDict[str, DataLoader]": """ Creates pytorch dataloaders from datasets and additional parameters. Args: batch_size: ``batch_size`` parameter from ```` num_workers: ``num_workers`` parameter from ```` drop_last: ``drop_last`` parameter from ```` per_gpu_scaling: boolean flag, if ``True``, scales batch_size in proportion to the number of GPUs loaders_params (Dict[str, Any]): additional loaders parameters samplers_params (Dict[str, Any]): additional sampler parameters initial_seed: initial seed for ```` workers datasets_fn(Callable): callable function to get dictionary with ```` **data_params: additional data parameters or dictionary with ```` to use for pytorch dataloaders creation Returns: OrderedDict[str, DataLoader]: dictionary with ```` Raises: NotImplementedError: if datasource is out of `Dataset` or dict ValueError: if batch_sampler option is mutually exclusive with distributed """ from import DistributedSamplerWrapper default_batch_size = batch_size default_num_workers = num_workers loaders_params = copy.deepcopy(loaders_params) or {} assert isinstance(loaders_params, dict), ( f"`loaders_params` should be a Dict. " f"Got: {loaders_params}" ) samplers_params = copy.deepcopy(samplers_params) or {} assert isinstance( samplers_params, dict ), f"`samplers_params` should be a Dict. Got: {samplers_params}" distributed_rank = get_rank() distributed = distributed_rank > -1 if datasets_fn is not None: datasets = datasets_fn(**data_params) else: datasets = dict(**data_params) loaders = OrderedDict() for name, datasource in datasets.items(): # noqa: WPS426 assert isinstance( datasource, (Dataset, dict) ), f"{datasource} should be Dataset or Dict. Got: {datasource}" loader_params = loaders_params.pop(name, {}) assert isinstance(loader_params, dict), f"{loader_params} should be Dict" sampler_params = samplers_params.pop(name, None) if sampler_params is None: if isinstance(datasource, dict) and "sampler" in datasource: sampler = datasource.pop("sampler", None) else: sampler = None else: sampler = REGISTRY.get_from_params(**sampler_params) if isinstance(datasource, dict) and "sampler" in datasource: datasource.pop("sampler", None) batch_size = loader_params.pop("batch_size", default_batch_size) num_workers = loader_params.pop("num_workers", default_num_workers) if per_gpu_scaling and not distributed: num_gpus = max(1, torch.cuda.device_count()) batch_size *= num_gpus num_workers *= num_gpus elif not per_gpu_scaling and distributed: world_size = get_distributed_params().pop("world_size", 1) if batch_size % world_size == 0: batch_size = int(batch_size / world_size) else: raise ValueError( "For this distributed mode with per_gpu_scaling = False " "you need to have batch_size divisible by number of GPUs" ) loader_params = { "batch_size": batch_size, "num_workers": num_workers, "pin_memory": torch.cuda.is_available(), "drop_last": drop_last, **loader_params, } if isinstance(datasource, Dataset): loader_params["dataset"] = datasource elif isinstance(datasource, dict): assert "dataset" in datasource, "You need to specify dataset for dataloader" loader_params = merge_dicts(datasource, loader_params) else: raise NotImplementedError if distributed: if sampler is not None: if not isinstance(sampler, DistributedSampler): sampler = DistributedSamplerWrapper(sampler=sampler) else: sampler = DistributedSampler(dataset=loader_params["dataset"]) loader_params["shuffle"] = name.startswith("train") and sampler is None loader_params["sampler"] = sampler if "batch_sampler" in loader_params: if distributed: raise ValueError("batch_sampler option is mutually " "exclusive with distributed") for k in ("batch_size", "shuffle", "sampler", "drop_last"): loader_params.pop(k, None) if "worker_init_fn" not in loader_params: loader_params["worker_init_fn"] = partial(_worker_init_fn, initial_seed=initial_seed) loaders[name] = DataLoader(**loader_params) return loaders
__all__ = [ "get_loader", "get_loaders_from_params", ]