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from typing import Optional

from catalyst.settings import SETTINGS

if SETTINGS.nifti_required:
    import nibabel as nib

from import IReader

[docs]class NiftiReader(IReader): """ Nifti reader abstraction for NeuroImaging. Reads nifti images from a `csv` dataset. """
[docs] def __init__( self, input_key: str, output_key: Optional[str] = None, rootpath: Optional[str] = None ): """ Args: input_key (str): key to use from annotation dict output_key (str): key to use to store the result rootpath (str): path to images dataset root directory (so your can use relative paths in annotations) """ super().__init__(input_key, output_key or input_key) self.rootpath = rootpath
def __call__(self, element): """Reads a row from your annotations dict with filename and transfer it to an image Args: element: elem in your dataset. Returns: np.ndarray: Image """ image_name = str(element[self.input_key]) img = nib.load(image_name) img = img.get_fdata() output = {self.output_key: img} return output