Source code for catalyst.loggers.console

from typing import Dict, TYPE_CHECKING

from catalyst.core.logger import ILogger

    from catalyst.core.runner import IRunner

def _format_metrics(dct: Dict):
    return " | ".join([f"{k}: {float(dct[k])}" for k in sorted(dct.keys())])

[docs]class ConsoleLogger(ILogger): """Console logger for parameters and metrics. Output the metric into the console during experiment. Args: log_hparams: boolean flag to print all hparams to the console (default: False) .. note:: This logger is used by default by all Runners. """ def __init__(self, log_hparams: bool = False): super().__init__(log_batch_metrics=False, log_epoch_metrics=True) self._log_hparams = log_hparams def log_hparams(self, hparams: Dict, runner: "IRunner" = None) -> None: """Logs hyperparameters to the console.""" if self._log_hparams: print(f"Hparams: {hparams}") def log_metrics( self, metrics: Dict[str, float], scope: str, runner: "IRunner", ) -> None: """Logs loader and epoch metrics to stdout.""" if scope == "loader": prefix = f"{runner.loader_key} ({runner.epoch_step}/{runner.num_epochs}) " msg = prefix + _format_metrics(metrics) print(msg) elif scope == "epoch": # @TODO: remove trick to save pure epoch-based metrics, like lr/momentum prefix = f"* Epoch ({runner.epoch_step}/{runner.num_epochs}) " msg = prefix + _format_metrics(metrics["_epoch_"]) print(msg)
__all__ = ["ConsoleLogger"]